• 06 / 2020 Universal stacking machine

    Extract from “Holzkurier”:


    « Customer satisfaction is our highest goal – ensured through seamless project support from conception through on-time installation and transition phases to plant handover.»
    explains managing director Carlo Sicko. 


    This flexibility is shown in the versatility of the stable paternoster stacking machine, X-Stacker.

    A short while ago, Sicko solved a problem at four Bavarian sawmills by creating the transportable X-Stacker. The plant is perfectly adapted to the versatile production conditions at these family firms. In the Stiglbauer and Fischl sawmills, Kollnburg, the X-Stacker removes boards of varying widths directly from sawn timber sorting. The X-Stacker measures the widths and stacks them at varying distances apart in a single plane or as part of a package with a flush outer edge. “The operator can see the remaining available width of the layer on the large LED display, meaning they can keep the packages as tight as possible,” explains Georg Rammerstorfer, distribution manager at Sicko. The stacker can save the stacking positions and dimensions and use them to create a half package later. The plant gives stacking details such as the number of planks or cubic metres. At Stiglbauer, the X-Stacker is principally used for unstacking and restacking before and after drying. Previously, all this work had to be done by hand. Johann Stiglbauer was above all impressed by its stable design and rapidity. “Having had the X-Stacker deployed for several weeks now, we are also amazed by how easy it is to use,” says Regina Stiglbauer. 

    Because it is transportable by forklift, the same machine is also used during further processing downstream from a planing machine. The main task of the X-Stacker at Göth Holz in Roßbach and in the Christl sawmill, Weihmichl, is to form a package after a planing machine or a multi-blade saw. With functions such as alignment and 90° turns, it replaces the heavy lifting that employees used to have to do. The X-Stacker’s flexibility is fully apparent. “Currently, we use the plant after the planing machine. Tomorrow, we will move the X-Stacker to the sawn timber hall,” Robert Christl says. At its new location, it just needs to be plugged into the mains. Grinning, he calls the Sicko his new “multi-purpose weapon”: “In the sawmill, we are always having to stack and restack planks. Now, this work can be carried out by one person alone. Before, we always needed two workers. The X-Stacker also noticeably reduces the workload.”

    Alongside the ease of transport of the X-Stacker, Rammerstorfer points out a further advantage: “as we don’t use pneumatics, the plant is perfectly suited for use in plain sawmills.” Even despite coronavirus, Sicko is able to offer installation and servicing to its customers.