• Added value with Sicko

    There’s one thing you can be sure of in the wood sector: innovation.

    And there’s another thing you can be sure of in the wood processing industry: cost pressure.

    For all processes within wood machining, and above all for sawing and planing, Sicko offers its competent solutions in a needs-oriented and individual way, running from low-level mechanisation to complete systems. Meeting challenges with innovative and creative ideas, reducing operating costs through modularity and flexibility is part of everyday life at Sicko. One thing above all is important for the integration of machines and systems: long years of experience in handling wood as a raw material!

    “In wood processing, creativity and knowledge of the product are the factors that allow the smart design of interlinking systems and technological refinements. Sicko plays these two trump cards individually for each customer and with a complete focus on solutions.”

    Dr. Markus Seiler, shareholder