• History

    In 1975 the engineering fitter-machinist Karl Sicko laid the foundation for today"s Sicko group. Back then the clear-sighted entrepreneur saw a market gap in handling and stapling wood. From then on he built innovative and high class special machines for that purpose.

    1984 a production hall was built at the present location and

    1993 the second hall was erected

    The entry of both sons carlo and Jochen sicko in 1985 and 1991 secured the future of the firm.

    1996 another chapter started in firms history: the Sicko OHG (general partnership), handling and stapling techniqeu was founded. Increasing demands for maximised effectivity and flexibility required the newest technologies in automatisation.

    1999 Sicko OHG was turned into GmbH & Co. KG (US LLP) and founding of a control system construction Sicko+Bauer

    2003 founding of our own control system construction with software developement (without Bauer)

    2005 30 Years anniversary Sicko

    2006 founding Sicko cutting technique

    2007 beginning of a close cooperation with Fa. Grecon automatic packaging for finger joint lines

    2010 another production hall was built