• Sicko CNC

    Sicko CNC GmbH

    CNC machining from the region for the region: Since 2006, the Group has been manufacturing components and passing on its manufacturing expertise to customers, which led to the foundation of Sicko CNC-Zerspanungstechnik GmbH in February 2012. Internal and external manufacturing orders for turning and milling have made Sicko CNC an important part of the Sicko Group, which is valued by:

    • SEW Eurodrive GmbH & Co. KG, 76646 Bruchsal
    • Pitlift GmbH, 75177 Pforzheim
    • Götzinger Maschinen GmbH, 68753 Waghäusel
    • SIBO GmbH & Co. KG, 76703 Kraichtal-Menzingen
    • Rose Systemtechnik GmbH, 32457 Porta Westfalica


    The machine portfolio includes a HAAS VF11 mill, a vertical 3-axis machining centre with maximum traverse paths of X: 3.048 mm, Y: 1016 mm, Z: 772 mm, a HAAS VF3 and a HAAS ST30 CNC lathe, maximum: X: 533 mm, Z: 660 mm.