• Vision / Mission

    Our Vision

    „Wood is alive. It needs human hands to shape it and machines to make their work easier.”
    Jochen Sicko, managing director

    We stand for smart solutions in the automated processing of wood, so that the customer can improve their process technology. The market needs flexible machines and systems that can live up to the constantly changing needs of the wood market. This vision is what drives us. Together with our mission and our values, it determines how we act and motivates us every day to give our very best.

    Our Mission

    Customers don’t want to buy a joinery machine. They want to work wood flexibly and reliably. 
    Carlo Sicko, managing director

    Partnership that shapes partners: it is our customers’ needs that are centre stage, not our machines. What guides us is our customer-orientation, with a focus on friendliness, respect, acceptance and responsibility. Our interdisciplinary teamwork is characterised by creativity, flexibility and high specialist competence. Individual engagement is shown through our above-average commitment, autonomy and independence. The demand for continuous improvement ensures we are highly professional. We take responsibility for our customers, employees and the environment. We are large enough to produce efficiently, cost-effectively and at high quality, but small enough to be flexible and individually tailored.